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Public Banking Institute News: May 4, 2017

bernieBernie Says YES!

An endorsement of public banking by one of America’s most popular political leaders lifts the profile and credibility of public banking to new heights. In Vermont last Friday, the national discussion about public banks tapped a powerful mainstream channel.

Now TWO NJ Gubernatorial Candidates say YES to a Public Bank

Green Party candidate Seth Kaper-Dale says NJ needs public banking as part of his “The Last Are First” campaign platform.  Adding his support for creation of a state public bank, Kaper-Dale suggests that a public interest bank can help bring meaningful support to those in the most need.

Santa Fe City Council Says YES

Santa Fe’s City Council took a unanimous vote last week to dig into the details of creating America’s next public bank — and the careful way they are formulating that process is instructive.

Even the Supreme Court says YES!

“Yes” to suing the Big Banks for predatory house-lending practices with cities and other government entities — an important rebuke that could help recover millions for the public purse.

Philly Says NO (to Wells Fargo)!

After many years as the city’s primary banker, a disgruntled City Council has taken a stand of expecting higher ethical business standards.  Philadelphia joins other cities around the country such as San Francisco, Portland, Minneapolis and Seattle who are all considering a public bank alternative.

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